It’s Twins!

Being pregnant with twins left little room for boredom. There was always some big event. I had every symptom in the book and then some.  Let’s start at the beginning.

I was lying in my doctor’s office waiting to find out if I was pregnant three months after my M/C. Now, I knew I was pregnant, as I had taken fourteen pregnancy tests during the two weeks leading up to this appointment.The cashier at Walgreens probably wanted to sign me up for POASA (pee on a stick anonymous) after purchasing 6 pregnancy tests in five days. She would smile politely but I could tell she was amused. The ultrasound was going to confirm that the pregnancy was viable.

My husband kept the atmosphere relaxed as we waited for the doctor. He was having a great time playing with all of the equipment in the room. “Does this seriously go inside of you?” He asked as he clamped it open and shut. Or he would put on a skit and say things like, “ Yes hello, I will be doing your examination today.” He kept me calm and laughing until the doctor came in.

As my doctor prepped the ultrasound machine I thought about how great it would be if he announced we were having twins. We had a feeling we were having multiples and I really wanted an instant family after my last experience.

“Let’s take a look,” my doctor said as he began the exam.

“I see a heartbeat! Look at that, there’s another one!” Congratulations, it’s twins!” The doctor looked so excited as he made the announcement!

I immediately turned to look at my husband. His face was in his hands and his head was moving from side to side. I started laughing because I couldn’t believe our luck! My doctor started speaking about how I needed to follow up with high-risk doctors but I couldn’t concentrate. I stopped listening after he said we were having twins. I was too excited. I wanted to tell everyone the news but I knew it was best to wait. My husband and I had decided we would wait three months before making the announcement. We wanted to make sure the pregnancy was going well first. The only people we agreed to tell were our parents and siblings. With that said, hiding a twin pregnancy is next to impossible. Everyone was able to tell at around two months but fortunately they didn’t comment.

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