What a shock!

Pregnancy! Where to begin? Who else thought you get pregnant, look adorable with your baby bump, and nine months later have a baby? No one? Am I the only naive one?  I thought pregnancy would be this amazing problem free journey. No one really speaks about the messy parts. Well, of course people mention the morning sickness, swollen feet, and food cravings, but there are other situations that come up. Situations I did not expect or prepare for.

Three months before my twins were conceived I was pregnant with a single baby. It was a very exciting time. Not only were we expecting, but also my childhood friend was going to be marrying my husband’s cousin. I was asked to be a bridesmaid in their wedding and I couldn’t wait to be a part of their special day. The morning of their wedding I was getting my hair and make-up done when all of a sudden I started cramping. Can you guess what happened next? I had a miscarriage right there in my friend’s bridal sweet!

I excused myself and called my doctor. After a long and tearful conversation I rejoined the group. I acted like everything was fine. I smiled for pictures, walked down the aisle, and kept up conversation with family and friends throughout the night. I did tell my husband, one friend, and one cousin, but no one else. This was a family wedding and I didn’t want the attention on me. Earlier, when I spoke to my doctor, he said that all hope was not lost. He told me to rest and come in the next day. I didn’t dance or move much at the reception. I thought maybe I could save the pregnancy by staying relaxed.  It didn’t work which brings us to my next pregnancy. THE TWINS!!

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