The Ugly Truth

  1. Morning sickness: Next time you see a young woman crouched down behind a car in a parking lot tossing her cookies, don’t assume she is some drunken college student. Give her the benefit of the doubt and suppose she is pregnant, even if she doesn’t look pregnant. Yes, I am describing myself. Unfortunately this happened more than once.
  2. Weight gain: My parent’s couch was not my biggest fan during my pregnancy. Lifting myself up off the couch was nearly impossible without assistance. Each time someone helped me get up, the couch would tip forward and then go crashing back into place once my weight was no longer holding it down. My family found this very amusing. I believe that is why they continued sitting with me even though they knew they would be going for a ride once I got up. I only gained 65 pounds during this pregnancy, which I don’t think is excessive for carrying twins. With that said, I was big enough to break several things during my pregnancy including this couch!
  3. Mobility: Around seventh months I was unable to walk far distances. I used an electric scooter whenever I went out, or my husband pushed me around in a wheel chair. One day, my mom and I decided to go for a stroll around her development. Since I knew I would be unable to complete the walk on foot, I took the electric scooter. Halfway thorough our walk the meter went from fully charged to empty and the scooter stopped short. I stood up and the meter once again showed it was fully charged. I sat back down and the scooter started to move. Within ten seconds the meter once again showed it was on empty. The scooter was playing dead! It was unable to carry my weight and continued to stop working each time I sat down and started working each time I stood up. Way to add insult to injury.
  4. Hunger: Toss your pride out the window when you’re pregnant. Just forget you ever had any. There is no stopping certain things from happening. You will be gassy, you will be irritable, and you will eat like a pig. That’s just the truth. I was always extremely hungry. One afternoon my friend and I decided to go out to lunch. Upon arrival, we saw the restaurant was still close and there was no way I was waiting thirty minutes for them to open. We drove around the corner and ordered Wendy’s. Do you think that satisfied me? NO WAY! By the time we were done eating our chicken nuggets and fries the restaurant we originally wanted to eat at was open. Naturally, we got back in the car and drove to the restaurant. Wendy’s was just an appetizer! I had to pre-game for my actual lunch. Try not to judge.
  5. Bed rest: Bed rest is like checking into a hotel and ordering room service. You get to sit back, relax, and have others bring you whatever you want. Doesn’t that sound amazing? I wish that were true. That is how my husband described it! Here is the truth. Bed rest is like getting arrested and having all of your rights taken away. You can forget about leaving the house. Apparently the car ride can induce labor. Using the bathroom becomes a luxury as you aren’t supposed to stand up and walk around regularly. And in all honestly, if you are on bed rest and you hear someone say what’s that smell, they are probably talking about you. Standing in the shower creates a lot of pressure and so you skip taking one now and again. You are probably wondering why a daily bath isn’t an option. Well, next time you go to the aquarium, visit the whale tank and imagine one of those whales lifting themselves in and out of a tub. That ladies and gentleman is a good visual of what it would have been like for me. IMPOSSIBLE.

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