Get this woman to labor and delivery – STAT

The images that came to mind whenever I thought about going into labor come straight from the movies; women screaming, water breaking, men panicking, and doctors rushing you to the delivery room. Surprisingly, my real life experience was shockingly close to the above description.

It was a Sunday morning and I was taken to the nearest ER as I was experiencing a lot of chest pain. Upon arrival, the ER doctor suggested she do a vaginal exam being that I was so far along in my pregnancy (34 weeks). I had reservations about her request. I didn’t see the point when that was not the reason I came to the hospital to begin with. She insisted and so I allowed her to examine me. As soon as the doctor began checking me her face became pale. When I say pale, I mean ghostly pale. She rummaged around for a long time (to my discomfort) and then finally stood up and walked out of the room without saying a word. My husband and my parents looked at each other in confusion. What did she feel?

Five minutes later she returned with an entire team of doctors from labor and delivery. They told me to lay back and hold on to the sides of the bed because I was going to be rushed to L/D. As we left the room the doctor’s discovery was revealed. I was ten centimeters dilated and would need a c-section ASAP. My husband insisted I be transfered by ambulance to my delivering hospital. He didn’t want me delivering here without my doctors. His request was denied. We were told it would be too dangerous to transfer me. I was considered high risk and according to them about to deliver, there was no way they were letting me leave.

My mom and I were pretty much laughing because logically, how do you get to ten centimeters without knowing it? I had no contractions, my water didn’t break, and the only pain I experienced was chest related. Regardless, I was rushed upstairs (literally they were running with my bed) and was admitted immediately. L/D doctors hooked me up to machines to monitor my contractions and I was given another vaginal exam. After the exam was finished the doctor looked at me with a smile and said I was only one centimeter dilated. She explained that she could feel baby A’s head which was the reason for all the dramatics. ER doctors are not trained in gynecology and because the ER doctor could feel the baby’s head she assumed I was ten centimeters dilated. My husband visibly relaxed and we finally went back to the reason I originally came to the hospital, chest pain. Unfortunately they could not find a cause for my discomfort and I was sent home. A few hours later I began experiencing even stronger chest pain. This time my husband drove me to my delivering hospital in case I needed to be delivered. They kept me for two days and ran test after test. Their final diagnosis was that I had big babies and they were causing the pain!  Go figure!

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