Sent home in labor!

At 35 weeks pregnant I began getting sever contractions. I called my doctor and he asked me to meet him at the hospital so he could monitor their strength and consistency. When I got to the hospital, I was told I could not have any food, water, or ice, as I would most likely be having a c-section shortly. My husband and I truly believed this was it. We thought we were going to be meeting our daughters in just a few short hours. How wrong we were! I was shocked when I heard what my doctor had to say.

“Your body is going to contract at this stage in the pregnancy. You are carrying twins and your stomach is stretched to its max. Being uncomfortable is to be expected. You need to suck it up and go home.” My doctor sounded stern, and I knew this wasn’t a joke. He was sending me home even though I was in labor.

“I am in labor, why would I go home?” I could not hide the alarm in my voice.

“There is nothing more we can do. You were given medication to reduce the pain you are experiencing but I won’t deliver the babies this early on. Your body will continue to contract, but this isn’t true labor.”

An hour after I got home I started throwing up from the contractions. They were coming every eight minutes and I couldn’t handle the pain anymore. I was told to suck it up, that this wasn’t true labor, and so I tried to just grin and bear it. YEA RIGHT. I thought I would be a little more graceful during labor but no, I pretty much sounded like those barbaric women in the movies.

“F*** this! This doctor is a crack head!” I screamed between contractions.

“ Call him back.” My husband looked panicked but spoke calmly.

“NO! He said to suck it up, this isn’t true labor.”

“Call him back.” He said once more.

I picked up my phone, called my doctor, and was once again taken aback by his response.

“I tried to suck it up but I am throwing up from the pain.” My breathing was labored and I could barley get my words out.

“As I told you before, it is too early to deliver these babies. I know you are uncomfortable but you need to keep them in a bit longer.” He spoke with certainty. He truthfully did not believe I was in labor.

After a long and tearful conversation, my doctor finally said to come back to the hospital. I knew this wasn’t right. I knew I was in labor, and I knew if I didn’t get back to the hospital quickly I would be delivering my daughters on my living room floor.

The first thing my doctor did was a cervical check. When he finished the exam he looked at me with a surprised expression. I was dilating. He immediately ordered medication to try and stop the labor and apologized for sending me home.

Ultimately, the labor was stopped and I was sent home pain free and three-four centimeters dilated.

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