Drama, Drama, Drama!

On Friday, May 11th 2012 I was sent to the hospital directly from my OB’s office. My blood pressure was 150/100 and I needed to be closely monitored.

Picture this…

Pregnant women are screaming.

Machines are beeping.

Eating and drinking is forbidden.

Sounds of steady pounding feet on the floor.

Codes being called left and right.

And ultimately, you are sent home starving and baby-less.

The above content was my experience each time I was sent to the hospital while pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, the nurses and doctors were great! Regardless of that it was always a very stressful experience. Especially when each time I was told I may be delivered via c-section and starved for hours in case that was the outcome.

This time I was 36 weeks pregnant and I knew it would be the same situation so I took action! My mother and I stopped at Wendy’s and I ate and drank as much as I could on our way to the hospital. Trust me, you would have done the same thing!

After settling in I called my husband and told him not to meet me at the hospital. I was certain it would once again be a false alarm and I didn’t want him leaving work for no reason.


After a few hours, I was feeling much better. My blood pressure was back to normal and I knew there was no longer a reason to deliver me. I had a scheduled c-section in three days. Why would they deliver me early without cause?

This is why.

I cried.

I cried when my doctor came into my room because I knew he was sending me home.

I cried because I couldn’t take it anymore.

I cried because I was in the hospital every other day. I just wanted my daughters to be here already so I could see they were healthy.

And finally, I cried because I wanted this long and stressful pregnancy to be over.

I was shocked when my doctor took pity on me and said he was delivering me.

I called my husband and told him the great news and asked him to stop at home and get my postpartum bag before meeting me at the hospital.


I didn’t think I would be taken to the OR for hours since I was no longer considered an emergency.


On top of that, I ate before coming to the hospital so they needed to give me time to digest, and once again have an empty stomach.

Or so I thought!

Ten minutes after speaking to my husband my nurse walked into my room and told me I would be taken to the OR in thirty minutes.

Thirty minutes!

My husband was over an hour away. I asked my doctor to wait for him but he said he had to stick to his schedule. He told me my mother could be with me during the c-section since it didn’t look like my husband was going to make it.

Naturally I declined and took the risk of being alone. I didn’t want my husband to miss the birth of our daughters. They only allow one person in the operating room. If that person were my mother my husband would have been turned away if he made it in time.

Do you think he made it?

Forty-five minutes after I called my husband I was wheeled into the OR. My doctor told me to close my eyes and not look at the tools he would be using to perform the c-section.

Of course I looked and immediately freaked out!

I was alone, I knew my husband was still thirty minutes away, and they were not going to wait for him.

Ten minutes passed and nothing was happening. Finally, I was told they could not find the anesthesiologist.

While we waited my doctor and I had a nice conversation. He is a great guy. I was happy he was the one on call and not the doctor that was supposed to deliver me. (The one that sent me home in labor)

When the anesthesiologist arrived twenty minutes later she whispered,

Your husband is here.

Right then I knew why no one could find her. She didn’t allow them to. She waited for him. I was so thankful.

My husband entered the room dressed in scrubs and within thirty minutes we had or beautiful daughters.

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