Are these people serious?

I get stopped constantly whenever I go out with my daughters. People are usually very kind and so I take the time to answer their questions.

Most of the questions I get asked are normal.

1.Do twins run in your family?

2. Are they on the same schedule?

3. Are you exhausted?

Then there are the jaw dropping questions.

Stranger: Can you tell them apart?

Me: Yes they are fraternal.

Stranger: You can tell them apart even when they are naked?

Me: Um, yes. Their faces don’t change when they are naked.

I must admit this encounter worried me. What kind of weirdo asks that question?

Stranger: Are they twins?

Me: Yes they are.

Stranger: So then they are related?

Me: Yes.

Stranger: And they are both yours?

I thought this person was joking around so I didn’t even respond to her last question. I just smiled and walked away.

Stranger: Are they yours?

Me: Yes, they are twins.

Stranger: No they aren’t, they aren’t dressed alike.

Me: Your right, they are not.

I am glad she let me know they can only be twins if they are dressed alike. I will be sure to update their wardrobe accordingly.

Stranger: Oh one of each. That is lovely.

Me: No, they are both girls.

Stranger: Are you sure? This one is wearing black.

Me: Positive.

Stranger: You should not put a black jacket on her then.

What? That is all I can think to say in response to that statement.

Stranger 1: Oh wow look at this. Twins!

Stranger 2: Look at that they are identical.

Stranger 1: Look at their hair. Red hair is so rare.

Stranger 2: Do you think they are hers?

Stranger 1: No they aren’t hers. She is blonde. Red heads come from red heads.

Stranger 1: Take a picture.

That is when I walked away. These people didn’t even talk to me. They just stood there gawking at my children pretending I was not there.

The list goes on and on but these five are my favorite.

6 thoughts on “Are these people serious?

  1. wow! that is so crazy! u are a good one to have entertained that lady’s silliness. i wouldn’t have thought she was serious either!!

  2. People are so crazy!! A girl I know that had twin boys was asked when she was pregnant if she could feel the babies eating….WHAT?!

  3. Hi!! Found your blog after you followed mine (and I’m so glad you did because YAY MOMS OF TWIN GIRLS!) 😉 I’m just reading back through your older posts to get caught up- your girls are darling! I’m jealous of their beautiful red hair (I have red hair but my girls didn’t get it, boo!) Also, this post cracked me up. Oh the things people say! I have heard similar statements about how my identical twins must not be identical because I don’t dress them in matching outfits. SIGH. Anyway, glad to “meet” you!

    • Hi and thank you! We were not expecting red hair but are in love with the color!! I am sure you get a lot of comments as well. I usually just smile and say yes to whatever they say to make it easy but sometimes I just can’t bite my tongue. Nice to “meet” you as well.

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