Keen sense of smell

I found myself laughing today as I thought about one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books.

“The Big Brag”

One part in particular reminded me of myself.

Well, really it reminds me of all parents.

“He stuck his big nose ‘way up high in the air. He wiggled that nose and he sniffed and he snuffed. He waggled that nose and he whiffed and he whiffed. For more than ten minutes he snaff and he snuff.”

All day long this is what I do.

Sniff, snaff, snuff.

“Did someone poop?” I ask as I bring my nose closer to the girls.

I pick up a baby; take off the diaper, and NOPE, no poop.

I could have sworn that is what I smelled.

So once again I sniff, snaff, and snuff.

Yes I am positive that is what I smell.

I pick up the other baby and there it is!

I always get it right.

Someone did poop.

I just never pick the right child!

I guess this is the start of never knowing who did what as they get older.

Random thought, but it made me laugh this morning.

2 thoughts on “Keen sense of smell

  1. Haha we pick up the baby and smell their butts too! But they seem to poop at the same time, so I almost always have 2 poopy butts.

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