Never have I ever…

Never have I ever let my hair dry curly for a holiday.

Never have I ever taken a nap before opening up Christmas gifts.

Never have I ever skipped breakfast and lunch.

Never have I ever worn throw up as an accessory.

Never have I ever neurotically vacuumed my living room carpet for twenty minutes straight to make sure not one scrap of paper was left on the floor.

Never have I ever forgotten to put on half of my makeup.

Never have I ever forgotten to put on socks. (I have forgotten shoes and a bra but that is another story, and shockingly that was before having kids)

Never have I ever packed enough food, clothes, and toys, to last a week when only leaving the house for six hours.

That is, TILL NOW.

Being a parent changes everything (for the better).

The girls first Christmas was amazing.

They actually knew how to open up their Christmas gifts. (They are 7 months old)

They loved the wrapping paper.

They observed it.

They tried to eat it.

They rolled around in it.

And, they threw it around the room.

They were able to handle being in a crowd of people they don’t know without screaming.

They let others hold them.

They let others play with them.

They napped through the noise.

All in all, we had a great time.

I hope all of you had a fantastic holiday as well!

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