Bite your tongue!

I gained sixty-five pounds during my pregnancy.

Even though I lost all of that weight I still do not have my pre-pregnancy body back.

I can pull fat from everywhere on my body even though I weigh less now than I did before I got pregnant.

Can you get back your pre-pregnancy body after having kids?

Here is what my doctor had to say about this when I asked him.

“You had twins. You won’t look like you once did no matter how hard you try. Don’t worry though, look what you have instead!  Two beautiful girls.”

If one more person says that to me I will scream.

So what, after you have kids you no longer have the right to want to look good?

After you have kids it is fine to just let yourself go because hey look what you have instead?

I hate when people say this because it indicates that you rather have a thin body than your kids.

Who in their right mind would rather have a perfect body instead of their kids?

My question is why can’t women have both?

Why is it one or the other?

Why does everyone I speak to say exactly what my doctor said to me?

You may not have your thin body back but look what you have instead.

Listen up.

It IS ok to want to be thin after having kids.

It IS ok to be upset that your body isn’t the same.

It IS not selfish or vein to want to look like you did before having kids.

And wanting this is not a reflection on how you feel about your kids!

Well I have had enough of this.

My New Year’s resolution is to get my body back.

I know this is the most popular resolution made around the world but for a woman who just had kids it is extreamly challenging.

I am going into this realistically.

I understand that some things will not change regardless of how hard I exercise. I mean, if you saw me at the end of my pregnancy you would laugh because that is how huge and ridiculous I looked.

I lost thirty pounds the day my girls were born!


Just from delivering them!

That there tells you how much I was carrying around and how far I had to stretch to accommodate all of it.

But regardless, I will do everything in my power to get my body back.

I will have my cake and eat it too!

The first picture was around 32-33 weeks.

The second picture was 34 weeks.

I didn’t deliver until 37 weeks. I30ish week bump34 week bump

6 thoughts on “Bite your tongue!

  1. We can have our cake and eat it too! I’m with you, I want my body back. Let’s get it, and prove all those folks that say we can’t have it back wrong. 🙂

  2. AMEN!!! i weigh less now than before i got pregnant but my tummy is so flabby! 😦 this year i’m working on getting rid of the flabbiness!! we CAN do it!! 🙂

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