I was just browsing through other blogs and I came across one that featured a picture of a hot mom.

She is wearing a sports bra and panties and has rock hard abs.

Everyone was commenting on how it made them feel.

This is how it made me feel.

It made me feel like eating junk food so I went into the kitchen and got some vanilla wafers.

Is that not the oddest response to seeing rock hard abs on a mom?

Most women were saying they want to diet or they will eat healthier.

I stuffed myself with wafers.

Well it isn’t 2013 yet.

I will start my diet tomorrow!

Like I said a couple of posts ago, it is time to prove my doctor wrong.

Mom’s can look like they did before they had kids.

We can do it!

I will do it!

Just not tonight! 🙂

One thought on “Random

  1. I think as long as you’re realistic with your goals, anything is possible! Good luck in getting where you want to be! x

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