I was warned

Once you have children, the majority of your single friends will mysteriously stop calling you. Or so my friends with kids told me while I was pregnant.

I thought they were nuts. No way I would loose any of my friends just because I was having twins.

My daughters are eight-months-old and I have not seen or heard from some of my single friends in months.

When they were first born my friends came over, brought gifts, held the babies, and left within thirty minutes each time they stopped by.

Some of them didn’t even stay for a full thirty minutes.

If you want to see someone run for their life, invite him or her over during your child’s witching hour (fussy time). As soon as my girls started crying they bolted!

They received an unexplained text message saying they had to leave immediately; or randomly remembered an errand they had to run THIS VERY SECOND.

They headed for the door in such a rush that half of the time they would leave something behind. I have a small collection of items people have not yet come to claim.

You would think I would be insulted but I am not. I don’t have the time or energy to hold a grudge.

To be fair not all of my single friends displayed this behavior. A handful of them still invite me to go out with them like as if nothing has changed. A select few even ask to come over and spend time with my daughters.

Luckily, many of my good friends have children and so we get together frequently.

As for my friends that bolted; I guess I was warned.

Just Eat It!

Last night I wanted a snack. The only problem was I already had two snacks after lunch.

I couldn’t have three in one day…could I?

As I was resting on the couch watching T.V. my mind was consumed with food.

Should I just eat a third snack?


I get up, walk over to the closet, and stare at the hundred calorie packs on the top shelf.

Hmm which one should I eat? There are so many choices.

I already had the hundred calorie red velvet cake, and the hundred calorie chips.


I shut the closet door, go back to the couch, and curl up under my blanket. I wrap it tightly around myself as if somehow that will prevent me from being able to get up and walk back over to the closet filled with snacks.

I turn up the volume on the T.V. and stare blankly at the screen as my mind slowly drifts back to the snack closet.

Don’t deny yourself; you want a snack so eat something!

NO! You aren’t even hungry. Don’t do it.

It’s a hundred calorie pack it doesn’t even count as a snack.

Who are you kidding? Of course it counts as a snack!

No I can do this!

I get up, walk past the snack closet, and head up to my room.

I put on my work out clothes and walk back downstairs.

As I once again pass the snack closet I can hear the snacks calling out to me.

EAT ME! They taunt. 

I shake the thought out of my head and turn on my zumba game disk for my Wii and begin exercising.

That was close!!

Bikini body here I come!

Watch Out For Flying Balls!

I love online shopping!

With really active eight-month-old twins, it is easier to order things online and have them delivered right to my house.

I order toys, clothes, and books, and like magic they show up on my doorstep.

Last week I ordered a turtle ball pit and it has finally arrived!

I have been so excited about this ball pit! I just knew the girls would enjoy it!

It was adorable how they each had their own unique way of playing with it.

Alexis sat in it and immediately grabbed the turtle’s head and started eating it.

Brielle sat in it and looked at me for guidance. She had no idea why she was sitting in a giant turtle that was filled up with balls. I gave her some time to figure it out and she finally started playing with the turtle’s feet and rubbing all of the patches on the turtle’s back.

I was happy they each found a nice calm way of playing with their new toy.

The second day we used the ball pit they both had the same idea. Let’s throw the balls at the cat!

I am sure they didn’t intend on hitting the cat but the balls kept flying in that direction!

That poor kitty better watch out. Flying balls will be the least of her worries once the girls learn to crawl.

The cat wasn’t their only target.

By the end of the day balls were flying everywhere!

Brielle is a calm baby. When her balls went flying it was simply because she was holding the balls and shaking her arms causing the balls to fly out of her hands.

Alexis on the other hand was rolling around in the balls and kicking her arms and legs causing the balls to go flying into the air.

Balls went flying into the kitchen.

Balls went flying into the fire place.

Balls went flying into the dining room.

Everywhere you walked you were tripping on balls.

I am still finding balls in random locations.

I am glad they are enjoying their new toy!

Little Ballerinas

I could not wait to start taking pictures of my little ballerinas in their new tutus.

My mom and I got them dressed and the photo session began.

First, we tried taking some pictures of them together.

We sat them down next to each other and immediately Alexis went lunging for Brielle so we decided to try individuals instead.

Brielle was very easy. She finds most everything I do amusing and so getting her to smile was a piece of cake! Her session took all of five minutes.

Alexis on the other hand is a busy bee! Sitting is not her thing; she is always on the move.

We sat her in the middle of the room and off she went!

She was crawling backwards into the corner of the room, rolling around and laughing, and giving us raspberries.

While it was hilarious I still needed my picture.

I once again sat her down and tried my best to get her to smile.

I gave her raspberries and she gave them back!

I made a funny face, and then she made a funny face!

And on and on it went.

After snapping several pictures I decided one must be good and went back to the group picture.

Alexis was calmer this time and just pulled on Brielle’s tutu while Brielle put her hand on Alexis’s arm.

After all of this we managed to get three good pictures out of about a hundred!

That’s all I needed for their birthday invitations so I was very pleased!

Here are some of the pictures.


Am I Nuts or Is this Going To Be Fabulous!


My phone calendar buzzed today and informs me that my yearly check-up at the dentist is coming up next month!

Usually I try and find reasons for why I have to postpone going to the dentist and end up pushing my yearly appointment back by a few months.

I greatly dislike trying to hold up a conversation for an hour and a half while I have tools and fingers shoved in my mouth.

After my calendar buzzed with this dreadful information I started thinking about it in a different light.

Going to the dentist means I get to lay back in a chair for an hour and a half and have uninterrupted rest!!!!

Who cares about the fingers and tools in my mouth! I can actually stay seated for a straight hour and a half!

Maybe, just maybe, I can fall asleep during that time. What does the dentist care as long as my mouth is open!!

This could actually be great!

It is crazy how your mentality changes after you become a parent. Any opportunity to lie down in the middle of the day and rest sounds good to me.

Dentist here I come!


So You Think You Can Dance?

I decided to sign up for Zumba classes to help get my pre-pregnancy body back.

I was a bit nervous, as you need some dance ability to participate in Zumba.

Regardless of my inability to dance I took a class at my gym. After five minutes I had multiple people staring at me.

I don’t blame them. I pretty much looked like I was walking barefoot across hot coals.

In order to avoid further embarrassment, I decided to buy the Zumba game disc for my Wii so I could take classes in the privacy of my own home.

The game offers several classes and step-by-step instructions on how to execute the dance moves.

Today I decided to try it out and since my family was over, I asked my mom to take a class with me.

First, we learned the dance moves.

Even thought the instructor was slowly going though each dance move, I couldn’t figure out how to move my body in the same way he was. I should have realized right then and there this was going to be a disaster.

Regardless of my failed attempt to learn the moves, we selected a class and started dancing.

Words of encouragement were popping up on my mom’s screen as she danced.

Great job!


Way to go!

EXCUSE ME! What about me? I am working my butt off and I was not given any praise.

After twenty minutes the class came to an end.

We waited patiently for our instructor to give us a score based on our participation and technique.

My mom’s character earned top scores and my character was given a zero!


How is that possible? How can someone earn a zero?

I guess I didn’t save myself any embarrassment. My entire family saw a free comedy show this afternoon and I was the star of the show.

50 Minutes of Madness

Finger foods! How scary is that! I have postponed this stage for weeks now out of fear.

You hand your child food and expect them to chew it with NO TEETH!

Ok, my daughters have teeth, but only a few. Still, how is this going to work?

I am not ready but my daughters are so I had to do it. I had to try this. If they are showing me they can handle it who am I to hold them back.

Yesterday morning my husband and I decided on peas. Our doctor said that is a good vegetable to start with. All we have to do is steam them, cut them in half, and put them on their highchairs, and the girls would take care of the rest.

So, yesterday morning I made peas and cut them in half. Ok not half, I cut them so they were pretty much invisible. After they were all cut up and ready to serve I got nervous.

I wanted to make sure the peas I made were soft enough so I started eating them.

By the time I was done testing the peas I had very few left!

We came to the conclusion that the skin was dangerous anyway and moved on to carrots.

I steamed carrots and then thought, hmmm are these soft enough?

I picked up a few and ate them but I wasn’t positive so I ate some more.

Once again, by the time I was done testing them, we hardly had any left.

We decided they were not soft enough anyway and moved on.

Which food is safe?


I cut up a banana into very very, very, very, small pieces, and brought them over to the girls.

I put some down in front of them and they just sat there.

“They can’t even see them.” My husband said as he picked one up and put it in Brielle’s mouth.

She seemed ok so I picked one up and put it in Alexis’s mouth.

Alexis started coughing!

“That’s it! We tried! No more!” I said as I ran away with the cut up bananas.

I came back with pureed bananas and apples and the girls ate them happily.

The cut up bananas, peas, and carrots, are in the trash and that is where they will stay.

Maybe we will try again in a couple of weeks!

Date Night

Tomorrow night is DATE NIGHT!

I say this as if it date night is part of our weekly routine.

The reality is we spend most of our nights on the couch watching Roseanne.

Don’t judge, that show is actually hilarious!

We haven’t been out on a date in over a month.

That is why I decided enough is enough.

Tomorrow night we are going to get up off of the couch, dust off our bowling balls, and go BOWLING.

Yes, we have our own bowling balls, and bowling shoes actually.

A few years back we were obsessed with bowling and there was no way I was sticking my fingers into those dirty holes, or slipping my feet into those smelly shoes, so we got our own gear.

I decided on bowling because it makes us get up and do something fairly active.

Also, I am somewhat competitive.

Ok, I am extremely competitive!

I like any activity that gives me the opportunity to improve on a skill. So really I am competing with myself. Ok, ok, I also like to WIN!

I haven’t bowled in years so hopefully I throw the ball down the right lane.

First Birthday

Alexis and Brielle’s first birthday is fast-approaching.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been trying to come up with a theme.

Every kid’s party needs a theme, right?

Coming up with a theme may sound easy to many of you but I am not a fan of themes to be honest.

For my wedding, bridle shower, and baby shower, I didn’t have a theme. I just told the event planners to make everything dainty and beautiful!

When we were decorating the girls’ bedroom I once again didn’t have a theme. I just picked out things that were dainty and beautiful.

Finally last week it hit me. BALLERINAS!

Ballerinas are dainty and beautiful so why not have a ballerina themed party.

Here are my ideas for the party.


May is a beautiful month so we decided to have the party in our backyard.

We will set up the tables and food under large tents to keep everyone cool and out of the sun.


I am going to attempt taking a picture of the girls in tutus for the invitation.

I ordered beautiful tutus online and can’t wait for them to arrive!

If you read the last blog entry and watched the video you saw how hard it is to have the girls sitting next to each for any reason. They end up wrestling on the floor!

I am pretty sure a picture of two ballerinas wresting doesn’t go with our dainty theme.

Let’s hope they behave.


The color scheme is pink and white.

We will have a candy bar with all pink and white candy.

Pink and white cupcakes will be organized to look like two red headed ballerinas.

Pink and white tulle will be tied into bows on the back of the chairs.

Pink and white flowers will be placed in the center of each tale.

Ballet slippers will be thrown in the mix but I have no idea where they will go.


We have invited over twenty kids so we need a lot of entertainment.

I think a bouncy castle, a balloonist, and a face painter will keep the children occupied.

If I could have any kind of entertainment I would hire the girls from the show Dance Moms to come and perform but that is highly unlikely!

That is about it for now.

I would love suggestions.

The Possibilities Are Endless

According to other moms of multiples, life gets easier once twins learn to sit.

They will keep each other occupied, meaning I get a break now and again.


I think I will sit back with a cup of coffee while watching my darling girls play nicely together.

No! I think I will paint my nails while watching my darling girls play nicely together.

NO WAIT, I think I will answer some e-mails while watching darling girls play nicely together.

The possibilities are endless!


The day finally came! Both of my girls are sitting up beautifully.

I put them on the carpet, surrounded them with toys, and sat back and watched them play.

I was so eager to see them interact with each other.

This is what I saw.


I don’t think I will be taking a break while my darling girls play nicely together.