Oh Bananas

Yesterday, I actually got to spend a couple of hours at a spa!

My mom watched my daughters and I went to get a haircut!

Before going out I ripped off my mommy clothes, put on a stylish outfit, straightened my hair, and did my make-up.

I felt good; normal.

I was about to spend ten minutes getting my hair washed by someone else and I couldn’t wait.

As I rested my head on the sink I had no thoughts. I was fully relaxed.

Ten minutes of peace and quiet.

Ten minutes of full relaxation.

Then, as the hair washer rinsed my hair I heard her gasp.

“Oh my god!” She yelled. “You have gunk in your hair!”

She started running her fingers through my hair and then began laughing.

“I think you have banana in your hair!”

The other woman getting washed lifted their heads to see what the commotion was.

I could only imagine what they were thinking.

Who gets banana in their hair?

What is wrong with that lady?

Is she sure it’s banana?

Their eyes burned with curiously.

“I have twins!” I yelled in defense.

When I realized no one was attacking me, I let out a laugh to cover up my outburst.

“Sometimes it gets messy.”

Everyone began laughing and then the questions and comments came flying at me.

Were they natural? 

Are they identical?

You must be tired.

Do they have the same personalities?

You look good for having twins.

I guess I wasn’t going to get ten minutes of peace and quiet after all.

After I finished answering their questions I once again closed my eyes, rested my head on the sink, and waited for the hair washer to shampoo my hair.

Instead of massaging my head she started ripping through my hair with a comb!

“This may hurt a bit, bananas are sticky.” She said apologetically.

I guess the day wasn’t a total loss. I did learn how to get banana out of my hair.

4 thoughts on “Oh Bananas

  1. That is HYSTERICAL!!! Bless your heart! Just think…one day you and your girls can go together! (…and maybe have banana splits after instead!) : ) XO, Beatty

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