50 Minutes of Madness

Finger foods! How scary is that! I have postponed this stage for weeks now out of fear.

You hand your child food and expect them to chew it with NO TEETH!

Ok, my daughters have teeth, but only a few. Still, how is this going to work?

I am not ready but my daughters are so I had to do it. I had to try this. If they are showing me they can handle it who am I to hold them back.

Yesterday morning my husband and I decided on peas. Our doctor said that is a good vegetable to start with. All we have to do is steam them, cut them in half, and put them on their highchairs, and the girls would take care of the rest.

So, yesterday morning I made peas and cut them in half. Ok not half, I cut them so they were pretty much invisible. After they were all cut up and ready to serve I got nervous.

I wanted to make sure the peas I made were soft enough so I started eating them.

By the time I was done testing the peas I had very few left!

We came to the conclusion that the skin was dangerous anyway and moved on to carrots.

I steamed carrots and then thought, hmmm are these soft enough?

I picked up a few and ate them but I wasn’t positive so I ate some more.

Once again, by the time I was done testing them, we hardly had any left.

We decided they were not soft enough anyway and moved on.

Which food is safe?


I cut up a banana into very very, very, very, small pieces, and brought them over to the girls.

I put some down in front of them and they just sat there.

“They can’t even see them.” My husband said as he picked one up and put it in Brielle’s mouth.

She seemed ok so I picked one up and put it in Alexis’s mouth.

Alexis started coughing!

“That’s it! We tried! No more!” I said as I ran away with the cut up bananas.

I came back with pureed bananas and apples and the girls ate them happily.

The cut up bananas, peas, and carrots, are in the trash and that is where they will stay.

Maybe we will try again in a couple of weeks!

6 thoughts on “50 Minutes of Madness

  1. Haha! I’m sorry it’s so stressful for you. I remember the paranoia very well, the terrible fear of them choking but to be honest, the gagging/coughing etc that happens has to happen in order that they learn what to do. It’s also very important for their speech development that they learn to chew. They most definitely will be ready to attempt some soft stuff, once you let them try (and stop eating their food ;-)) you’ll see they can manage without anything dreadful happening. x

  2. I was worried about starting my daughter on solids too. We did purees at six months but she really wasn’t interested in baby mush and wanted REAL food. As long as it was safe for her (i.e. no honey, or nuts) we started giving her true solids around 9 months when the doctor okayed it. Babies have really good gag reflexes but if you’re really worried (and I don’t blame you) they sell these little net things (Target sells them but here’s a link on Amazon just so you know what to look for: http://www.amazon.com/Nuby-2-Pack-Nibbler-Colors-Vary/dp/B000WMV0XWand). You put fruits/veggies in it and it makes it easy and safe for them to eat!

  3. You sweet thing! You are a good Mama! It’s so great that you’re writing all of these experiences down, because in years…months even…they’ll make you smile. For our first son, we took him to his one YEAR check up and explained that he wasn’t ready for solids yet. We hadn’t given him ANYTHING but baby food at that point. I was actually upset when the doctor thought we were crazy. No kidding…by the time our fourth baby came around…she barely ATE baby food. We started with REALLY chopped up spaghetti and went from there!
    As stressful as these moments can seem…enjoy them. I know it’s easier said than done, but one day…you really will miss them. XO

    • Their doctor already thinks I am crazy lol! We go tomorrow for their 8th month check up so I will see what she has to say. We will try bananas and sweet potatoes this week 🙂

      I am printing out my blog for the girls and making it a book for them for when they get older. I think they will enjoy reading it one day.

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