So You Think You Can Dance?

I decided to sign up for Zumba classes to help get my pre-pregnancy body back.

I was a bit nervous, as you need some dance ability to participate in Zumba.

Regardless of my inability to dance I took a class at my gym. After five minutes I had multiple people staring at me.

I don’t blame them. I pretty much looked like I was walking barefoot across hot coals.

In order to avoid further embarrassment, I decided to buy the Zumba game disc for my Wii so I could take classes in the privacy of my own home.

The game offers several classes and step-by-step instructions on how to execute the dance moves.

Today I decided to try it out and since my family was over, I asked my mom to take a class with me.

First, we learned the dance moves.

Even thought the instructor was slowly going though each dance move, I couldn’t figure out how to move my body in the same way he was. I should have realized right then and there this was going to be a disaster.

Regardless of my failed attempt to learn the moves, we selected a class and started dancing.

Words of encouragement were popping up on my mom’s screen as she danced.

Great job!


Way to go!

EXCUSE ME! What about me? I am working my butt off and I was not given any praise.

After twenty minutes the class came to an end.

We waited patiently for our instructor to give us a score based on our participation and technique.

My mom’s character earned top scores and my character was given a zero!


How is that possible? How can someone earn a zero?

I guess I didn’t save myself any embarrassment. My entire family saw a free comedy show this afternoon and I was the star of the show.

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