Little Ballerinas

I could not wait to start taking pictures of my little ballerinas in their new tutus.

My mom and I got them dressed and the photo session began.

First, we tried taking some pictures of them together.

We sat them down next to each other and immediately Alexis went lunging for Brielle so we decided to try individuals instead.

Brielle was very easy. She finds most everything I do amusing and so getting her to smile was a piece of cake! Her session took all of five minutes.

Alexis on the other hand is a busy bee! Sitting is not her thing; she is always on the move.

We sat her in the middle of the room and off she went!

She was crawling backwards into the corner of the room, rolling around and laughing, and giving us raspberries.

While it was hilarious I still needed my picture.

I once again sat her down and tried my best to get her to smile.

I gave her raspberries and she gave them back!

I made a funny face, and then she made a funny face!

And on and on it went.

After snapping several pictures I decided one must be good and went back to the group picture.

Alexis was calmer this time and just pulled on Brielle’s tutu while Brielle put her hand on Alexis’s arm.

After all of this we managed to get three good pictures out of about a hundred!

That’s all I needed for their birthday invitations so I was very pleased!

Here are some of the pictures.


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