Watch Out For Flying Balls!

I love online shopping!

With really active eight-month-old twins, it is easier to order things online and have them delivered right to my house.

I order toys, clothes, and books, and like magic they show up on my doorstep.

Last week I ordered a turtle ball pit and it has finally arrived!

I have been so excited about this ball pit! I just knew the girls would enjoy it!

It was adorable how they each had their own unique way of playing with it.

Alexis sat in it and immediately grabbed the turtle’s head and started eating it.

Brielle sat in it and looked at me for guidance. She had no idea why she was sitting in a giant turtle that was filled up with balls. I gave her some time to figure it out and she finally started playing with the turtle’s feet and rubbing all of the patches on the turtle’s back.

I was happy they each found a nice calm way of playing with their new toy.

The second day we used the ball pit they both had the same idea. Let’s throw the balls at the cat!

I am sure they didn’t intend on hitting the cat but the balls kept flying in that direction!

That poor kitty better watch out. Flying balls will be the least of her worries once the girls learn to crawl.

The cat wasn’t their only target.

By the end of the day balls were flying everywhere!

Brielle is a calm baby. When her balls went flying it was simply because she was holding the balls and shaking her arms causing the balls to fly out of her hands.

Alexis on the other hand was rolling around in the balls and kicking her arms and legs causing the balls to go flying into the air.

Balls went flying into the kitchen.

Balls went flying into the fire place.

Balls went flying into the dining room.

Everywhere you walked you were tripping on balls.

I am still finding balls in random locations.

I am glad they are enjoying their new toy!

3 thoughts on “Watch Out For Flying Balls!

  1. Yes, the cat does love them. She still stays in the same room even though they try and crawl after her and grab on to her. Today I am buying more balls and filling up their pack and play this way the balls don’t go flying all over the house. They will still use their little turtle one since they love it but I think they will have even more fun playing together. The turtle fits one baby at a time.

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