Just Eat It!

Last night I wanted a snack. The only problem was I already had two snacks after lunch.

I couldn’t have three in one day…could I?

As I was resting on the couch watching T.V. my mind was consumed with food.

Should I just eat a third snack?


I get up, walk over to the closet, and stare at the hundred calorie packs on the top shelf.

Hmm which one should I eat? There are so many choices.

I already had the hundred calorie red velvet cake, and the hundred calorie chips.


I shut the closet door, go back to the couch, and curl up under my blanket. I wrap it tightly around myself as if somehow that will prevent me from being able to get up and walk back over to the closet filled with snacks.

I turn up the volume on the T.V. and stare blankly at the screen as my mind slowly drifts back to the snack closet.

Don’t deny yourself; you want a snack so eat something!

NO! You aren’t even hungry. Don’t do it.

It’s a hundred calorie pack it doesn’t even count as a snack.

Who are you kidding? Of course it counts as a snack!

No I can do this!

I get up, walk past the snack closet, and head up to my room.

I put on my work out clothes and walk back downstairs.

As I once again pass the snack closet I can hear the snacks calling out to me.

EAT ME! They taunt. 

I shake the thought out of my head and turn on my zumba game disk for my Wii and begin exercising.

That was close!!

Bikini body here I come!

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