I was warned

Once you have children, the majority of your single friends will mysteriously stop calling you. Or so my friends with kids told me while I was pregnant.

I thought they were nuts. No way I would loose any of my friends just because I was having twins.

My daughters are eight-months-old and I have not seen or heard from some of my single friends in months.

When they were first born my friends came over, brought gifts, held the babies, and left within thirty minutes each time they stopped by.

Some of them didn’t even stay for a full thirty minutes.

If you want to see someone run for their life, invite him or her over during your child’s witching hour (fussy time). As soon as my girls started crying they bolted!

They received an unexplained text message saying they had to leave immediately; or randomly remembered an errand they had to run THIS VERY SECOND.

They headed for the door in such a rush that half of the time they would leave something behind. I have a small collection of items people have not yet come to claim.

You would think I would be insulted but I am not. I don’t have the time or energy to hold a grudge.

To be fair not all of my single friends displayed this behavior. A handful of them still invite me to go out with them like as if nothing has changed. A select few even ask to come over and spend time with my daughters.

Luckily, many of my good friends have children and so we get together frequently.

As for my friends that bolted; I guess I was warned.

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