6 a.m. Opera Singers

Before I had kids, my alarm would sound every morning at 6 a.m. It was a loud and obnoxious reminder that I had to drag myself out of bed and get ready for work. Each morning I would reach over and smack down on the snooze button. I just needed ten extra minutes of peace before my day began.

My alarm still sounds at 6 a.m. but now it is not a serious of insufferable beeps, it is music to my ears. My little girls have become opera singers.

They do not wake up screaming or yelling. They begin with a soft ahhh, followed by ahhHHH, ending with AHHHHHH in perfect pitch! They work together to get it just right.

There is no snooze button so my husband and I jump out of bed and head straight for their room. As soon as we open their door they begin laughing as if we entered with a joke.

This is a fantastic way to wake up. I am not looking forward to the BEEP BEEP sound that will once again fill my ears when I return to work. Luckily that is still a couple of years away.

For now, I will enjoy the lovely music that wakes me from my slumber each and every day.


The Attack Of The Baby Bullet

A cowardly person who withdraws from doing something out of lack of nerve is the perfect way to describe myself when it comes to cooking meat. To simplify; I am a chicken.

Undercooking the meat is my number one concern. Because of this I end up over cooking it, which makes it look and taste like plastic.

With my track record I have shied away from making the girls meat. I decided to buy the jarred chicken and beef instead to play it safe.

Yesterday we tried the chicken.

The girls gagged and spit it out instantly! I don’t blame them. Who wants to eat jarred meat!

I had to suck it up and try making the chicken on my own without turning it into plastic.

I decided the crock-pot was my best bet.

I spent six hours making the girls chicken and carrots yesterday.

I cleaned the chicken.

I cut the chicken into little squares.

I washed the carrots.

And finally, I put it all in the crock-pot.

OK, so I didn’t literally spend six hours making this meal. I spend 20 minutes prepping and then 5 1/2 hours checking on its progress as it simmered in the crock-pot.

After six hours I put the chicken and carrots into the baby bullet (something I have never used before) and looked for the start button.


Instead I pushed and twisted the cover to the baby bullet and it came to life. The meat and carrots slowly became a lovely pureed meal.

Because there was no start and stop button I removed the cap when it looked ready and out it flew.

Pureed chicken and carrots splattered on my face and walls. It landed in my hair. It covered my clothes.

I have found yet another reason I hate cooking meat!

Luckily there was enough left to last the girls a few days so I stored it in the freezer.

Hopefully they enjoy this home cooked meal!

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s flying poop!

I still believe changing to pull-ups was a good idea.

They are most definitely a time savor and more comfortable for the girls since they are now crawling.

Putting them on while Alexis wiggles around and tries to crawl away is a piece of cake!

I also don’t have to worry that the sides are pinching them.

With all of these positives I think I will continue using them despite my current pull-up dilemma.

Maybe this has only happened to me but it is most certainly a flaw in my quick and easy way to change the girls.

Here is what happened.

As I went to remove the pull-up I saw it was dirty.

I looked at the diaper and tried to figure out the best way to remove it.

Do I just pull it down and hope that it says in the diaper?

Do I pull it down, push the diaper together, and then pull it off?

What do I do?

In my defense, I have never used a pull-up before. I was in new mommy territory.

Anyway, I finally decided to just go for it. I pulled it down and there it went.


I watched in horror as it flew out of the diaper and landed on my white carpet!

I closed my eyes in hopes that this was just a dream. When I finally got the courage to open my eyes there it was, sitting on my living room floor, mocking me.

Who doesn’t know how to use a pull-up?

I cleaned Brielle, put a new pull-up on her, and then examined it.

There must be a way to remove the sides when you have a number two situation.

I look all over but couldn’t find tags on the sides of the diaper. There is no other way of removing this pull-up.

Unless I just rip the sides. They are certainly flimsy enough.

I guess that is what I will have to do unless someone has a better suggestion.

I certainly don’t want another flying poop situation on my hands.

The Jokes On Me

I figured it out! I now know how to get a diaper onto Alexis in a matter of seconds without her rolling away.


They are fast. They are easy. And they are so much more comfortable for a baby that crawls around all day long.

Both Alexis and Brielle seem to be enjoying the change and I could not be happier.

After I made this time saving discovery I went to call my husband to share the good news but then changed my mind.

HMMMM. How funny would it be if I didn’t say anything and then watched him try and get this new diaper onto the girls. No way he knows what a pull-up is. This could be very entertaining.

I hid the regular diapers and laughed to myself as I filled their changing table with pull-ups.

As soon as my husband came home from work I said, “Alexis needs a change!”

He looked at me like I was nuts because I couldn’t help bouncing around as I went to grab the camera. He could sense something was up.

He walked over, picked up Alexis, and started to play with her.

“No hurry up! She needs a change!” I said as I bounced around waving the camera.

He gave me a funny look as he walked her over to the changing table.

I pushed record and then realized it would be easier to recognize the change if he took the pull-up off first. It would be funnier to watch him try and figure out how to put it on her.

“WAIT! We need wipes. Go and get wipes.” I called out.

My husband looked at the stack of wipes on the changing table but humored me by leaving the room to get a new bag of wipes.

While he was out of the room I quickly removed the diaper.

He walked back into the room wearing a puzzled expression but didn’t say a word.

“Good, now you put the diaper on her.” I say.

I run back to the camera, turn it on, and then see my husband staring at me through the lens.

“Do I look like an idiot? These are pull-ups!” My husband laughed.

UGH! He knew! Well I guess my nutty behavior tipped him off. Maybe I’ll record him doing something goofy another day.

Bursting At The Seams

Our house grew two sizes too small the day we brought our twins home from the hospital.

Our living room is filled up with toys.

Our guest room is filled up with toys.

Our cabinets are filled to the max with baby food.

The draws and closets are over flowing with baby clothes.

We need more space and fast!

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to get everything organized so we can put our house up for sale.

Our real estate agent has told us we need to create a blank canvas so potential buyers can imagine what they would do with our home if they were to move in.

AKA, remove all of the toys!

How is that possible? Where do I stash all of it!!

I have been racking my brain trying to think of the best way to hide all of the toys when potential buyers come to view our home.

We literally have no place to put any of it. WHICH IS WHY WE ARE MOVING!

I do have one idea. It my not best idea but it I all I can come up with.

I will collect all of the toys into bins before each appointment and stash them in my car.

I KNOW! It is a horrible idea that will require a lot of work but it is the best I can do.

My only other option is to shove everything into a closet and pray it doesn’t unload onto potential buyers.

I am not sure how well this is going to work but I will give it a try.

Hopefully no one looks into my car on the way to the front door. They will think I am a hoarder and run away screaming before viewing the house.

Is It Worth It?

Quite often I find myself sitting perfectly still on the couch during the girls nap time out of fear of waking them up. If they are in their room with the door shut I can pretty much do what I want around the house. Unfortunately, some days one or both of them refuses to nap in their beds and end up napping in the living room. Today is one of those days.

Below are the thoughts running through my mind.

Is turning the T.V. on worth it?

Is cracking my knuckles worth it?

Is putting my feet on the ottoman and making a small sound on the leather worth it?

Is tip toeing around them to use the bathroom worth it?

Is tip toeing around them to go upstairs and take a shower worth it?

Is tip toeing around them to go and do the laundry worth it?

Is making a phone call worth it?

Is moving at all worth it?

I have been stuck on the couch for the past forty minutes as I try to decide which task or personal need is so important, I would risk waking them up before they are ready. So far I have decided there is nothing more important.

I wish the snowplow that just made a loud banging noise outside of my house agreed with me.

At least now that they are awake I can get up! 

Please Don’t Pee On My White Carpet

You would think that changing a diaper would be an easy task.

Step 1: Remove the diaper.

Step 2: Clean the baby.

Step 3: Replace the dirty diaper with a clean one.

Step 4: Dress the baby.

I still get through steps one and two when I change Alexis but steps three and four are becoming progressively more difficult.

Now that Alexis can crawl she does not want to stay still. As soon as I try and replace her diaper she flips her body over and tries to crawl away.

This happens about 5-6 times before I successfully get the diaper on her.

Today Alexis managed to get away from me after step two. I turned my head for a split second and off she went. My naked baby rolled off of the changing pad (which is on the floor) and was crawling across my new white carpet!!!!!

“PLEASE DON’T PEE ON MY WHITE CARPET!” I called after her.

I jumped up, picked her up, and put her back on the changing pad.

After another five minutes, I manage to get her changed and dressed.

As I put her in the ball pit to play with her sister I say a silent prayer. Please, please, please, don’t let there be pee on my new white carpet.

I get down on my hands and knees and crawl around my living room. My eyes are glued to the carpet as my silent prayer repeats over and over in my head.

If someone told me a few years ago I would be crawling on my floor searching for pee I would have laughed in their face. Nevertheless, there I was, on my floor, crawling around, searching for pee.

I make my way around the entire room and NOT ONE DROP! That was close. I think our next house will have all hard wood floors!

Run Cat Run

Our cat Nikki enjoys many things. Her top four activities are sleeping, cleaning herself, staring people down, and occasionally running around the house like a maniac. She is a wonderful cat and we enjoy having her.

Brielle and Alexis are really becoming interested in Nikki. They stare at her, they reach out and grab her when she walks by, and they love to throw their toys in her direction to get her attention.

My husband and I always knew it was only a matter of time before loving Nikki from a distance became an up close and personal relationship.

Nikki’s worst nightmare has finally become a reality. Alexis has learned to crawl! It is more of an army crawl but she can get from one area of the room to another without a problem. She is all over the place! And of course, now that she is on the go, she wants to be wherever the cat is.

Alexis crawls over to Nikki and climbs on top of her.

Alexis crawls over to Nikki and sticks her face in the cats face.

Alexis crawls over to Nikki and grabs her hair.

Poor Nikki. You would think she would get the message and run whenever she sees Alexis coming her way but no. She just sits there and takes it.

Until Alexis learns to pet her nicely we have hired a full time bodyguard for Nikki cat! ME!