Run Cat Run

Our cat Nikki enjoys many things. Her top four activities are sleeping, cleaning herself, staring people down, and occasionally running around the house like a maniac. She is a wonderful cat and we enjoy having her.

Brielle and Alexis are really becoming interested in Nikki. They stare at her, they reach out and grab her when she walks by, and they love to throw their toys in her direction to get her attention.

My husband and I always knew it was only a matter of time before loving Nikki from a distance became an up close and personal relationship.

Nikki’s worst nightmare has finally become a reality. Alexis has learned to crawl! It is more of an army crawl but she can get from one area of the room to another without a problem. She is all over the place! And of course, now that she is on the go, she wants to be wherever the cat is.

Alexis crawls over to Nikki and climbs on top of her.

Alexis crawls over to Nikki and sticks her face in the cats face.

Alexis crawls over to Nikki and grabs her hair.

Poor Nikki. You would think she would get the message and run whenever she sees Alexis coming her way but no. She just sits there and takes it.

Until Alexis learns to pet her nicely we have hired a full time bodyguard for Nikki cat! ME!

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