The Jokes On Me

I figured it out! I now know how to get a diaper onto Alexis in a matter of seconds without her rolling away.


They are fast. They are easy. And they are so much more comfortable for a baby that crawls around all day long.

Both Alexis and Brielle seem to be enjoying the change and I could not be happier.

After I made this time saving discovery I went to call my husband to share the good news but then changed my mind.

HMMMM. How funny would it be if I didn’t say anything and then watched him try and get this new diaper onto the girls. No way he knows what a pull-up is. This could be very entertaining.

I hid the regular diapers and laughed to myself as I filled their changing table with pull-ups.

As soon as my husband came home from work I said, “Alexis needs a change!”

He looked at me like I was nuts because I couldn’t help bouncing around as I went to grab the camera. He could sense something was up.

He walked over, picked up Alexis, and started to play with her.

“No hurry up! She needs a change!” I said as I bounced around waving the camera.

He gave me a funny look as he walked her over to the changing table.

I pushed record and then realized it would be easier to recognize the change if he took the pull-up off first. It would be funnier to watch him try and figure out how to put it on her.

“WAIT! We need wipes. Go and get wipes.” I called out.

My husband looked at the stack of wipes on the changing table but humored me by leaving the room to get a new bag of wipes.

While he was out of the room I quickly removed the diaper.

He walked back into the room wearing a puzzled expression but didn’t say a word.

“Good, now you put the diaper on her.” I say.

I run back to the camera, turn it on, and then see my husband staring at me through the lens.

“Do I look like an idiot? These are pull-ups!” My husband laughed.

UGH! He knew! Well I guess my nutty behavior tipped him off. Maybe I’ll record him doing something goofy another day.

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