6 a.m. Opera Singers

Before I had kids, my alarm would sound every morning at 6 a.m. It was a loud and obnoxious reminder that I had to drag myself out of bed and get ready for work. Each morning I would reach over and smack down on the snooze button. I just needed ten extra minutes of peace before my day began.

My alarm still sounds at 6 a.m. but now it is not a serious of insufferable beeps, it is music to my ears. My little girls have become opera singers.

They do not wake up screaming or yelling. They begin with a soft ahhh, followed by ahhHHH, ending with AHHHHHH in perfect pitch! They work together to get it just right.

There is no snooze button so my husband and I jump out of bed and head straight for their room. As soon as we open their door they begin laughing as if we entered with a joke.

This is a fantastic way to wake up. I am not looking forward to the BEEP BEEP sound that will once again fill my ears when I return to work. Luckily that is still a couple of years away.

For now, I will enjoy the lovely music that wakes me from my slumber each and every day.


2 thoughts on “6 a.m. Opera Singers

  1. Those are wonderful years with the girls. They are precious moments as they grow very fast. It’s wonderful that you can be with them every day of their young lives.

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