The Mad Dash

Earlier today my realtor called and told me potential buyers were coming to view my house.

I was given two hours to make my house look spotless.

My mom watched my daughters and the mad dash began.

I ran from room to room organizing.

I washed both bathtubs.

I washed the floor in every bathroom.

I washed the kitchen floor.

I dusted.

I vacuumed every room.

And on and on it went.

My house looked immaculate. I had forty minutes left before the family arrived. In those forty minutes both girls pooped twice! My perfectly clean house now smelled!

Each time they pooped I put the dirty diaper in the outside garbage pail to remove the smell but it didn’t work.

I ran around opening windows!

I sprayed perfume!

I lit candles!

I did everything I could think of.

Finally, the smell disappeared right before the family arrived.

I have another family scheduled to come visit my house tomorrow. This is going to be exhausting!


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