Wild Beavers

Alexis’s crib looks like it has been attacked by a bunch of wild beavers. She chewed the bars on her crib down to the wood! She also managed to get a few good bites out of the top rail. I found her sitting up in bed covered in wood shavings. They were everywhere: on her clothes, on her face, and in her hair. I immediately went online to see what I could use to prevent her from doing this. The suggestions I found were absurd.

One person recommended using a spray that you can purchase at a PET store. It apparently has a bitter taste that discourages animals from chewing on furniture. Well…Alexis isn’t a dog so I will pass on this suggestion.

Another suggestion was to cut up pool noodles and duct tape them to the crib. I really hope this person was kidding. I am absolutely positive that eating foam is just as bad, or worse, than chewing on wood.

The last suggestion I read was so absurd that I just shut my computer. One woman proposed using packing tape to attach cloth diapers to the rail. Seriously? Cloth diapers? No, no, and no. None of these suggestions make any sense!

I eventually decided to use wonder bumpers. They zip up along each individual bar to prevent the baby from getting to the wood. There is nothing I feel comfortable using to cover the top rail. I guess I will just have to stalk the baby monitor during nap time to make sure my little beaver isn’t busy at work!

2 thoughts on “Wild Beavers

  1. Little Alexis is a very adventurous baby. Every day is a new learning experience. Can’t wait to read the next story.

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