Today I took the girls to the doctor’s office for their ten-month visit.  We were there for over two hours and it was an embarrassing experience from start to finish.

When we first arrived I decided to use the restroom. I hate using public restrooms, especially at doctor’s offices. I didn’t want to touch a thing while I was in there. I grabbed a paper towel and used it to shut and lock the door. After a minute the door swung open! The paper towel prevented me from turning the lock properly. As I rushed towards the door I saw that the waiting room was filled with people. Fantastic!

If that wasn’t bad enough, the girls had a meltdown as soon as the doctor walked into the room. I was so distracted that I made absolutely no sense as I answered the doctor’s questions.

Doctor: What have the girls been eating lately?

Me: Fruits, veggies, and chicken. I want to introduce oak into their diet. At what age is that appropriate.

Doctor: Umm never.

Me: Never? Isn’t that a good source of protein?

The doctor was giving me a blank stare.

Me: Isn’t it?

Doctor: No oak isn’t edible.

Me: Not oak…egg yolk!

Doctor: That makes more sense. Wait until they turn one.

The doctor had a puzzled expression on her face as she continued asking me questions. I continuously gave ridiculous responses because I was so busy trying to get the girls to calm down.

I was told that doctor’s visits become more difficult as children get older. They are more aware of their surroundings and learn rather quickly the doctor’s office isn’t a place they want to be. I am not looking forward to our next visit. Their doctor most definitely thinks I am brainless.

3 thoughts on “Brainless

  1. Aww, you poor thing! Well, if you ask me, the doctor shuold have questioned you by repeating “oak?” when you first said it because obviously you didn’t mean to say that! 😉

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