Crazy Shopping Cart Lady

Occasionally my husband and I go out with just one of our daughters to give them individual attention. Yesterday we took Brielle to the food store while Alexis enjoyed spending time with her grandparents.

My husband suggested we put Brielle in the shopping cart instead of unloading her stroller. I have not yet allowed the girls to ride in the shopping cart because I am afraid they will fall out. They may be ten-months-old but they still look so small and the cart looks so big. My husband convinced me to try it, and so I found the cleanest cart I could find and carefully covered the seat with Brielle’s pink cart cover. I then adjusted the straps and buckled her in.

As my husband and I walked through the store people kept looking in our direction. Usually when we go out people stare because we have redheaded twins. Yesterday people were staring because I was the crazy shopping cart lady.

I was leaning over Brielle with my arms wrapped tightly around her.

My stomach was pushing the cart because I so bent over.

Along with this, my cheek was pressed up against Brielle’s cheek because in my mind that helped keep her stable.

And… I was trying to grab food off of the shelves while in this position.

I don’t blame the onlookers. I would have stared as well.

Luckily this peculiar behavior didn’t last too long. I slowly became more comfortable with the idea of Brielle being in the shopping cart and bit-by-bit backed myself away from her. By the middle of our shopping trip I was pushing the cart like a normal person.

Brielle really seemed to enjoy herself and so I think we will use the shopping carts from now on. Maybe next time I won’t cling to her for the first twenty minutes!


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