If I know someone is planning a surprise for me I…

Interrogate them.

Snoop around.

Listen in on conversations.

And… ultimately figure out what the surprise is.

I know it is terrible but I just can’t help myself. I have to be in the know; it’s part of my nature. I am unable to wait for the unexpected to happen.

Along with this I have a hard time keeping surprises a secret. I get such a strong urge to blurt out what is being planned. Because of this no one in my family was shocked when I gave the girls their birthday gifts two months early. There was no way I was going to be able to hide their tricycles for that long.

I didn’t even try to keep their presents a secret. I brought them in the house, put them in front of the girls and yelled, “Happy birthday! Two months early!”

The girls did not mind one bit. They are in love with their new tricycles. They will have plenty of gifts to open on their actual birthday. So far they have ridden their new tricycles in the park, around our neighborhood, and even in our house. Their dad and I are having so much fun watching them enjoy themselves.


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