Easter 2013

Easter was a success! The girls enjoyed the company of their grandparents, their aunts, and their uncles. They posed for pictures…sort of. And they kept their composure all day long. No one had a major melt down.

Along with this, their beautiful dresses that I thought would get destroyed stayed clean. Well…if you don’t count the initial barf session that happened as soon I put Brielle in her dress. No stain remained and so in my eyes that doesn’t count. They looked beautiful!

Finally, my husband and I were actually able to eat Easter dinner with our family. Alexis took a nap while we ate, and Brielle sat in her highchair at the dinner table and provided our family with an hour of entertainment. She made her sounds…we all laughed. She lifted her arms…we all said, “so big.” She clapped her hands…we clapped our hands.  The list goes on and on. She sure knows how to host a party!


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