There is nothing more awkward then viewing a property when the owners are home.You have to be careful not to say anything that would offend them, which can be challenging at times. Somehow, my husband and I have found a way to put a positive spin on our very negative opinions.

Here are some examples of what we wanted to say and what we ended up saying instead.

Censored: Oh, isn’t this a very interesting choice of paint color.

Uncensored: Oh my god! Were they drunk when they selected this color? I’m going blind.

Censored: Look at this honey, a huge hole in the wall. Maybe we could insert a fish tank and make use of the gap.

Uncensored: What do they do here, host wrestling matches?

Censored: I feel like a child again as I stand in this old-fashioned bathroom as it reminds me of my own bathroom from the 80’s.

Uncensored: Did we just step into a time machine? What are we doing in the 80’s?

Censored: This house has a rustic look to it. I feel like I am a character from Little House On the Prairie. Charming.

Uncensored: Is this property meant for humans or horses? I can’t tell if I am standing in a home or a barn.

Censored: I love polka dot wallpaper. It is great how it is a consistent theme throughout the entire house.

Uncensored: Did you drug me? Then why the hell am I seeing spots everywhere?

The list goes on and on.

Hopefully we find a house soon because ours  sold the first day we put it up for sale! .

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