Do you have a good sense of humor?

Yesterday I took the girls to the grocery store. We had several things to buy: baby food, diapers, wipes, chicken, and cereal.

Once we collected all of these items we made our way over to the check out line. As I was unloading the contents of my cart onto the conveyer belt, I noticed that the women standing along side me were giving me looks.

Eyebrows rose.

Chuckles were heard.

Comments were made… “I sure hope the guy ringing you up has a good sense of humor,” they said.

Their reactions were certainly warranted. In short, we had a massive amount of baby food. It took the cashier ten minutes to scan each individual jar and he did not have a good sense of humor about it. He spoke not one word. He just scanned, and scanned, and scanned some more, until he finally said, “your total is $210.”

As I fumbled through my wallet to get my credit card I had a thought. What if my card is declined after this guy spent all of this time ringing me up? It has never been declined before but with my luck this would be the day. This would be the moment my card gets declined and I will have to apologize and walk out of the store empty handed. I slowly handed the cashier my card and thankfully the word approved appeared on the screen after he swiped it.

As I was leaving the cashier smiled at me. In my opinion he was smiling because I was leaving and not as a pleasantry.

Well, he may not have found the humor in the situation but I sure did.


2 thoughts on “Do you have a good sense of humor?

  1. I went back to the same store today and had about the same amount of baby food. When I got on line I saw the same cashier that rang me up last time so I left his line. Poor guy, I couldn’t do that to him again.

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