First Birthday Party Update

The food and decorations have been ordered. 

The entertainment has been selected and confirmed.

The guest’s have all sent in their responses.

And, the girls’ outfits have been purchased.

The only problem is I have purchased four different dresses for the girls to wear. Two of the dresses are fancy, one is casual, and lastly I purchased a tutu, as it is a ballerina party.

I have always had a hard time picking out outfits for big occasions. For my sweet sixteen I purchased two dresses. For my prom I purchased three dresses. And finally when I was searching for my wedding dress my mom said, “ We are only buying one.” Of course when I fell in love with two different dresses she offered to buy them both.

As you can see this is an ongoing issue. After careful consideration I believe I have narrowed it down to two dresses. I am leaning towards the pink one, as they both look great in pink. What do you think?


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