Sometimes it is difficult to let go and live life freely without reservation. Now that I have children I am more aware of the “evil” that exists in our world. I have always been a worrier but not to the extent that I am now.

After events like the Boston Marathon how do you move forward without fear? My husbands response to this question was, “You just do.”

I understand where he is coming from. If you let events like this change your day-to-day life then the “evil” wins. Even though I know this is true, it is difficult to follow through and step confidently out into the world.

I went to the mall the other day and my thoughts were disheartening. I kept thinking about what I would do if someone pulled out a gun? How do I get my girls out safely? The fact that I have to think about scenarios like this is heartbreaking. I don’t want to think like this.  I want to go to the mall and trust that the people around me are good people. I want to go to a movie theater for a midnight showing and not have a knot in my stomach the entire time.  I want to send my daughters to school and trust that they are safe.

While these thoughts were running through my mind I was missing all of the good going on around me.

A man ran in front of me to hold the door open so that I didn’t have to struggle with my stroller.

A stranger handed me a coupon to use for my daughters’ outfits.

A young child put her hand on my daughters shoulder and smiled at her while we were in the elevator.

There is good in this world and we have to work together to ensure that the good always trumps the bad.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected by the Boston bombing.

5 thoughts on “Boston

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Your girls are just at the age where I thought it started getting really fun in terms of how much they could do and say and interact! I know what you mean about how difficult it is to not worry, especially in the world we are living in! I guess it is just our job as moms 🙂

  2. I agree, mothers worry no matter what.
    The girls are at a very fun age. They are their own person with their likes and dislikes. They have such different personalities but enjoy similar activities 🙂 I can’t wait until they can speak so I can hear what they are thinking.

  3. I agree! We do worry no matter what. There are still plenty of good people in the world.

    And thank you for commenting on my blog! I love meeting other twin moms!

  4. Thanks Dana 🙂 There are plenty of good people in the world. My friend posted this quote on Facebook the other day and it is 100% accurate…”You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”
    Mahatma Gandhi

  5. I know 100 percent how you feel Nadine. When this happened on Monday I updated my status on Facebook saying that all I do is watch these stories over and over again. My heart breaks each time and yet I have become afraid of going out.

    The normal day to day activities we used to do like going to the food store, meeting a friend for lunch or going to movie like you said has just changed.

    I know many people have said to me you can’t live your life in fear and must enjoy every day. So I guess this is what we all must do. It teaches me that life is so precious.

    I only pray that as our children get older this world becomes a safer place for them:)

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