“Please tell me that is not our birthday cake!” I am assuming this is what Brielle was thinking.


I can’t say that I am the next great baker but I love to bake. My specialty is cupcakes. I have always been able to decorate them nicely. The ones that have come out the best have been made to look like flowers, snowflakes, and leaves.

Since my daughters’ birthday is next month, I decided I would attempt baking a cake shaped like the number one. I don’t bake cakes often, and I definitely have never tried to carve them into a shape before, but I figured it wouldn’t be that difficult. As a precaution, I ordered cupcakes for the girls’ birthday party from a “real” baker. He is organizing them to look like ballet slippers.

Anyway, last night after my daughters went to bed I got to work.

Step one: I baked the cake. This part went smoothly. It looked like a delicious sheet cake when it came out of the oven.

Step two: I began carving the number one out of the sheet cake and quickly realized how disastrous this was going to be.

Step three: I iced the cake. It started looking a little bit better and so I decided not to call it quits just yet.

Step four: I covered the cake with M&M’s. It looked ridiculous. I couldn’t line them up evenly and so it looked like a five-year-olds art project gone bad.

Just as I was about to throw the cake into the garbage my husband walked into the kitchen and said, “oh my god!” I assumed his comment was meant to be negative but then he continued by saying, “ That won’t be enough cake for all of the guests, you will have to make a second one.”

All I was thinking was is he kidding me? Does he really think this is good? He is a great husband to have complimented this awful cake.

Here is a picture of the cake. Try not to judge. I will bake some cupcakes in the near future to show you that I am not completely void of talent when it comes to baking/decorating.


4 thoughts on ““Please tell me that is not our birthday cake!” I am assuming this is what Brielle was thinking.

  1. Thank you Nicole. I am going to try it again today using fondant. Hopefully it comes out better. I am also not going to use M&M’s. I thought if it came out nicely, covering it with pink M&M’s the day of their party would be cute but I just can’t line them up. I will find another way to decorate it. If it still comes out…like it did, I will move on and make cupcakes. 🙂

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