My Weight-Loss Plan

It is amazing how much your body changes after you have a baby. Before I had the girls, consuming healthy foods would keep me slim. I didn’t have to run, do crunches, or participate in any type of physical activity. Eating six small meals a day kept me in a size 2 or 4. I miss those days, but I have to come to the realization that those days are now over and I have to work for the body that I want.

While I still refuse to go to the gym, I have a plan. I will walk three-five miles daily, do crunches, and participate in zumba(on my wii). With all of these activities combined, along with a healthy diet, I believe that I will be able to return my body to it’s pre-pregnancy appearance… I hope.

While I am trying to stay confident I still have my doctor’s words imbedded in my head. He said, “You will never look like you once did.” I have to push that though aside. What does he know anyway, right?

Hopefully writing this post holds me accountable and today marks the first day of my weight-loss journey.

2 thoughts on “My Weight-Loss Plan

  1. You can do this!! Clean eating is definitely key! And if you need any help or even some extra support/encouragement I would love to help you out! It’s amazing how much your body changes after kids….especially after twins!

  2. Thanks Dana! I love spending time at the beach/pool and so I hope to be able to wear a bathing suit comfortably this summer. I don’t expect to slip into a bikini yet but a one piece would be nice.

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