Sleeping Beauty

Over the past week Brielle has made some changes to our nightly routine. She has decided that she would prefer falling to sleep on me rather than in her crib.

She looks so content wrapped up in my arms as we lay in bed. I enjoy watching as sleep washes over her, and her eyelids grow heavier and heavier until they inevitably close for the night.

At around 7:30 p.m. my husband lifts her off of me and places her in her crib where she spends the rest of the night sleeping soundly.

I am going to miss our nighttime slumber parties when she grows out of this phase. It is incredible how quickly my girls are growing up, but I am still able to see glimpses of the infants I brought home from the hospital during moments like these.

sleeping beauty


bri in mommy and daddy's bed

Slumber party!

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