What A Scene

Food shopping with the girls has always been a pleasant experience. Even though the supermarkets are typically flooded with people, my husband and I were able to zip through the crowds with ease while the girls sat calmly in the carts. It was not at all an inconvenience… up until now.

Yesterday was a new shopping experience for our family. The girls realized that not only could they look at the food and the people that surrounded them; they could touch everything as well.

They knocked fruit off of the tables, they pulled cereal off of the shelves, and they tugged on people’s shirts.

We couldn’t get out of there fast enough. We quickly grabbed what we needed and let out a sigh of relief as we started unloading the contents of our cart onto the conveyer belt.

That sigh of relief was taken too soon as the girls were not at all done exploring their surroundings.

While the cashier rang us up…

Brielle grabbed a handful of gum off of a display case and dumped them on the floor.

Alexis removed the items we placed on the conveyer belt and returned them to the cart.

Brielle grabbed all of the plastic bags off of a hook and threw them on the floor.

Alexis managed to lick the conveyer belt even though she was strapped into a cart.

And on and on it went.

The obvious solution would be to leave the girls at home the next time my husband and I go food shopping, but I don’t wan to do that. The girls really enjoy going to the supermarket. We will just have to strategize before we take them there again.

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