Separation Anxiety

I now know what it feels like to be a celebrity. I have had “fans” watch my every move, reach out to grab me, and scream my name on a daily basis.

Brielle is my number one fan. Over the past couple of weeks she has been experiencing separation anxiety. Her big blue eyes follow my every move and if I get too far away from her all hell breaks loose. She immediately turns on the waterworks and begins screaming my name while reaching out to grab hold of me.

I believe this is the reason she has been refusing to go to bed lately, which was written about here, Sleeping Beauty. Now that I have a better understanding of what caused the change in her nighttime routine, I have come up with a new strategy. Instead of allowing her to fall asleep on me (which I have been advised is a bad habit to get into) I sit next to her crib. This keeps her feeling relaxed and enables her to fall asleep easily.

My new strategy has one small flaw. She can sense when I get up to leave the room. Her eyes pop open as soon as I stand up. With that said, I have found a solution. I now crawl out of her room. As long as I stay low to the ground and move slowly, I am able to leave without disturbing her sleep.

I hope this phase is short lived and she is able to feel relaxed without having me near her at all time. Until then, I will continue army crawling my way out of her room on a nightly basis to make sure she feels safe and secure.

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