Complete Chaos

The girls had their 1 year check up today and it was complete chaos, as usual. They both screamed the entire time, even before anyone touched them. They both tried to jump off of the scale, and they refused to let anyone but me hold them. Along with this, Alexis pooped on the exam table, Brielle peed all over the doctor, and finally Alexis pressed her body up against mine so tightly to avoid making contact with the stethoscope,  that the doctor felt me up.
While all of this was going on, every adult in the room was trying to calm them down in their own way, which only added to the madness. I was singing,the nanny was making shushing sounds, and the nurses kept telling them,”Everything is going to be ok.” We looked like a dysfunctional circus act. 
Thankfully the girls’ doctor and the nurses are extremely  kind. They stayed positive and upbeat the entire visit and reassured me that the girls’ behavior is completely normal and expected. 

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