Thanks vtech!

Yesterday I took the girls to Toys “R” Us. We found a vtech gas station that looked like it would be a lot of fun. I thought this would be the perfect toy for the girls to share being that multiple cars were included. The picture on the box indicated that this toy came with a taxi cab, a fire truck, a van, a tow truck, and a police car. With that many cars to choose from, I figured the girls would have less to argue about, and would enjoy playing with this toy together.


After I assembled the toy I realized it only came with ONE TRUCK! What are my twins going to do with a huge gas station and ONE TRUCK.

“Ok girls, time to share!”

I thought twice about saying this because I knew the reaction I would get would be a loud screaming, “ARGH!”

I said it anyway, and got the truck thrown at me.

Thanks vtech!

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