Should I Have Offered Him A Baby Wipe?

Yesterday afternoon my friend and I witnessed an unthinkable act. I am still in disbelief and have been unable to erase the image from my memory.

Here is what happened.

A truck belonging to a lawn service company was parked on the side of the road. One man slept in the truck while his partner was out on the lawn…well, read the below conversation to find out what he was doing.

“Look, there is a man sitting in the bushes.” commented my friend.

“Actually, I think he is squatting.” I replied.

As we stared intently, the man stood up with a bare bottom and pulled up his pants.

“Oh my gosh! He was doing more than squatting.” I spat out.

I think you can put two and two together and figure out what he was doing. I couldn’t believe it. I understand he was working on the lawn, but about fifteen stores, all with sanitary bathrooms, surrounded him. What was he thinking?

My mind began racing. I didn’t know how to react.

Should I…

  1. Stare
  2. Laugh hysterically
  3. Ask for a business card since he is clearly an expert at fertilizing lawns. (Obviously kidding)
  4. Offer him a baby wipe.

After the shock wore off my friend and I selected number two. We began laughing hysterically. I think the image of this man will be burned into my memory for the rest of my life, and I will never be able to look at gardeners in the same way ever again.

Hot Wax…Hot Mess

Yesterday, I decided it was about time to stop trying to tweeze my own eyebrows and go and get them waxed. I used to go bi-weekly, but after the girls were born, I had other activities/chores that took precedence.

When I entered the salon, I was told that the lady who usual takes care of me was not available. Even though I was a bit apprehensive, I agreed to try someone new.

With shaky hands, the new lady waxed my eyelids, my forehead, my nose, and even managed to wax off some of the hair on top of my head.

When I looked in the mirror my eyebrows looked good…from a distance. I was genuinely shocked. How could they look this good when it didn’t even feel like she got anywhere near my eyebrows?

I took a step towards the mirror, and upon closer inspection I realized that my eyebrows did look good, but only individually. They didn’t match! One had a higher arch than the other. This was a more realistic picture after the experience I had just had. Being that I didn’t want to risk having her take off an entire eyebrow by fixing them, I thanked her, and tried to leave the room.

As I neared the door she grabbed my shoulder and said, “you sit” so I sat. I didn’t want to offend her. I was shocked when she put wax on the upper part of my lip. I hadn’t asked her to wax that area, but being that there was already hot wax on my face, I sat there silently as she waxed my upper lip, my actual lips, the inside of my nostril, and my cheek.

“Perfect.” she said.

“Perfect.” I muttered, as I left the room.

If nothing else, I learned a valuable lesson. It is ok to say STOP when someone is coming at you with hot wax and they have no idea how to use it.

Hopefully I am able to fix my eyebrows before the girls’ party this weekend.

My Little Ramona


Alexis is an extremely spirited child. Saying that she marches to the beat of her own drum would be an understatement.

If another one of Judy Blume’s Romana books becomes a movie, I believe that Alexis has a good chance of playing the lead.

If you are wondering…she has applesauce and sweet potatoes in her hair.

What A Scene

Food shopping with the girls has always been a pleasant experience. Even though the supermarkets are typically flooded with people, my husband and I were able to zip through the crowds with ease while the girls sat calmly in the carts. It was not at all an inconvenience… up until now.

Yesterday was a new shopping experience for our family. The girls realized that not only could they look at the food and the people that surrounded them; they could touch everything as well.

They knocked fruit off of the tables, they pulled cereal off of the shelves, and they tugged on people’s shirts.

We couldn’t get out of there fast enough. We quickly grabbed what we needed and let out a sigh of relief as we started unloading the contents of our cart onto the conveyer belt.

That sigh of relief was taken too soon as the girls were not at all done exploring their surroundings.

While the cashier rang us up…

Brielle grabbed a handful of gum off of a display case and dumped them on the floor.

Alexis removed the items we placed on the conveyer belt and returned them to the cart.

Brielle grabbed all of the plastic bags off of a hook and threw them on the floor.

Alexis managed to lick the conveyer belt even though she was strapped into a cart.

And on and on it went.

The obvious solution would be to leave the girls at home the next time my husband and I go food shopping, but I don’t wan to do that. The girls really enjoy going to the supermarket. We will just have to strategize before we take them there again.

Sleeping Beauty

Over the past week Brielle has made some changes to our nightly routine. She has decided that she would prefer falling to sleep on me rather than in her crib.

She looks so content wrapped up in my arms as we lay in bed. I enjoy watching as sleep washes over her, and her eyelids grow heavier and heavier until they inevitably close for the night.

At around 7:30 p.m. my husband lifts her off of me and places her in her crib where she spends the rest of the night sleeping soundly.

I am going to miss our nighttime slumber parties when she grows out of this phase. It is incredible how quickly my girls are growing up, but I am still able to see glimpses of the infants I brought home from the hospital during moments like these.

sleeping beauty


bri in mommy and daddy's bed

Slumber party!

Damn You Chicken Take Out People…

Today marked the first day of my diet. I was on my way to getting my pre-pregnancy body back …and then this afternoon I ordered some take out chicken.

I assumed this was a healthy choice until the deliveryman dropped off eight whole chickens with a complimentary side of stuffing!


(I ate one)

I was wondering why they charged me $32 dollars for two orders of chicken without any sides(the second order was for my friend by the way). I was too tired to question the man on the phone being that I was up all night with the girls, and so I paid the questionable amount and went on with my day.

Damn you chicken take out people. I couldn’t refuse the stuffing.